Stanley vs Yeti travel mugs

The best travel mug

When it comes to travel mugs, Yeti seems to be dominating this marketplace.  I personally have 3 of them and love them.  So I was a bit surprised when Stanley reached out and asked me to look at a couple of their travel mugs.

I was shipped the Admirals Mug and the 16oz Classic Trigger Mug.  Both have excellent build quality and a variety of colours.

I’ve been using the Stanley Trigger Mug almost daily since I’ve received it.  The Stanley Cup is easy to clean, keeps my drinks hot and has a unique look so I don’t have to worry about it being stolen by a co-worker.

Yeti also makes great cups for hot liquids as well as their ENORMOUS water cups.   I do use a Yeti often but I prefer the look of the Stanley personally.  Some benefits to the Yeti is that if you ever lose the magnetic slider on the lid, you can find them at most hardware stores.  The Stanley mugs are harder to get replacement parts for.

Regardless of which brand you side with, you’re going to get a quality product.


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