About Mike

Brampton was never on my radar growing up. 

I was born in Toronto, lived in the Georgian Bay area and moved back to Toronto.  I was living downtown and working in the Information Technology field.   Cycling was my preferred form of transportation but  I never complained about having to take transit.    What could possibly be better than living in downtown Toronto in the late 90’s?  It was a party town.  It was the “Center of the Universe”  

Then one day it all changed.  I fell in love with someone who grew up in Brampton.  I was like a cyclist hitting a street car track.  I fell hard.  Before I knew it, we were living in Brampton.   That was a difficult transition for me.  I was going from a city where you could ride end to end with unique houses and interesting businesses to living in the middle of an empty field and relying on a car to get us around.  I was not pulled into Brampton willingly. 

That was over 15 years and two high school aged kids ago. 

I’ve had several career changes since then.  All of them have been in sales.  One thing I learned about sales, is that it’s a lot easier to close a deal as a team than it is as an independent.  You need to put all your wood behind the arrow when targeting clients and finding new business.  A good team huddles up and everyone knows their role and you close the deal.  

This current city council is not huddling.   They aren’t closing the deals and Brampton deserves better.

Since we started living in Brampton, we’ve seen the empty field turn into houses.  The trail system has improved and there are actually destinations for us to walk to.    If you like gas stations that is.  But there is a Turtle Jacks within walking distance.

I like Ward 7/8.  All of my favourite restaurants are here.   All of my favourite parks are here.  The streets have bike lanes.     Ward 7/8 is my Downtown

Mikes Mission

I’ve always said that I am an amplifier. I take someone else’s point of view and I amplify it. I make sure that they are heard. I use social media as a communication tool to get that persons voice out there.

That’s why this role as Regional Councillor for Wards 7/8 appeals to me.  It will not be an easy job. 

The Regional Councillor requires a lot of communication, not just with residents but also with local organizations and businesses.   Communication is a strength of mine.

I’m not a career politician but I am someone who works on complex sales.  There is lots of juggling of sale projects, especially in mission critical server rooms. 

The City of Brampton is becoming more technical. The Region of Peel is already a very technically impressive operation.  You should be ready to deal with more online services.  You should have a Regional Councillor who is well versed with I.T. jargon

I.T. jargon is also a strength of mine. 

Why Choose Mike?

Lots of people will say that I’ve always been vocal about my issues with this city. vI find the taxes are too high, the drivers are horrible and the city wasn’t “activity” friendly for young people

But things have changed over the years. I’ve changed over the years.  Now the city feels more bike friendly (finally), there are more trails and parks for people to enjoy and it’s still the same horrible place to drive.  Just like you remember as a child.  

The role of Regional Councillor isn’t someone you need to talk to everyday.  But you do want them in your corner when you have an issue.  You’ll want to hear from them.   You’ll want them to help you navigate the technical jargon and  You’ll want an amplifier.    You’ll want someone who will get your issues resolved. 

I have those qualifications.  I can be your Regional Councillor for Wards 7/8

You can reach out