My name is Mike Dancy and I’ve always been interested in technology.  Whether it’s computers, arcade games, gaming consoles, projectors or anything with a button or a battery.  I find it interesting.  I like to take things apart and see what makes them work.  Technology reviews are mainly what this website is focused on but you’ll find the odd vlog or random journal on this website.

I’m also interested in just being outside and hiking through the woods with my dog.   That’s where this blog came to life.  I was out with my dog at night and using a tiny dollar store flashlight to see where she pooped and it dawned on me that I needed a better light for the winter months.  The universe listened and ThruNite sent me a flashlight without me even asking.  Since then, I’ve made technology reviews about items other than flashlights and have branched into dash cameras and other fun gadgets.

This blog is the catch all of my technology reviews and outdoor gear guides.  I’m going to try and update it as much as possible but it’s hard to keep on top of.  Most of the items that I do review are on YouTube.

The main YouTube channel can be found here:  Mike Dancy  I have a second YouTube channel that deals with more vlogs and outdoor adventures here:  Outside Guide  And lastly, I have another channel that discusses how I make money online.  That’s a secret channel though 🙂 If you watch my other channels, you’ll know all about it.

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