Tech Predictions for the next decade

Five predictions for the 2020s Windows 10 was released in July / August of 2015 and is due for a refresh.  I think that the next release will be more like Office 365 and will revolve around a subscription basis much like Office365.  I think that we will see rumours of that by the end … Read more

Welcome to 2020

I’m not going to make any predictions or promises for 2020 but I am going to make some changes. My two YouTube channels are going to be more separate. The MikeDancy channel will focus more on the tech reviews and The Dancy Family will be the vlogs, vacations and bad driving videos. This blog will … Read more

I got scammed online

This story goes back about 10 years and it wasn’t my money. I was working for the same company that I’m with now, buying and selling network gear. We were part of a broker network for used telecom gear and that’s how the scammer must have got my name and email. Anyway, this guy contacts … Read more

Exploring abandoned buildings

This was my first time exploring an abandoned building. I met with a couple of other YouTubers a few weeks ago and they took me on an adventure to a building that was set for demolition. It was located here in Brampton so it was close. The video is below