Who is behind the TikTok ban?


Three things

TikTok ban
Bill s (senate) 686
It’s called Restricting the emergence of security threats that risk information and communications technology
“the restrict act”
If they ban TikTok, they can ban YouTube.  They can ban any form of free speech that they see fit.
There is a trjoan horse buried in this bill and we haven’t see it yet
Reddit is a Chinese company too.
This is an act being sold to people as a TikTok ban because of foreign adversaries and threats
What about when Parlour was banned anyone remember that?
They can ban video game companies that create controversial games
But here’s the kicker
When a bill is usually passed through senate, it’s because of lobbyists.  The senate doesn’t do anything out of the good of their heart
All I can do is speculate here.  But I’m going to put on my tinfoil hat here and say that I would guess that major media organizations are behind this
I can’t be sure but who would win with a social media ban?
The big TV media companies.  They miss the days of passive TV watchers in the 80;s.  That’s why so many shows are being rebooted
They made big bucks back then when brands only had a few channels to funnel money through
People are watching more TikTok than TV now
Second thing.
Paying for a blue check mark on social media
If we start giving companies $10/mo for a checkmark, when do the internet service providers (ISP’s) start asking for their share of the bandwidth?
Or will they offer bundles like they do with TV channels.  If you go with XYZ company, you get free blue checks on Facebook and Instagram.  If you go with ABC company, you get checkmarks on YouTube and Twitter.
Third thing.
I’m Canadian so why should I be concerned about the TikTok ban.  Well, what happens down there, eventually comes up here.
Okay, I’m done.
Thank you
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