Nitecore MT2A Pro Flashlight

Nitecore MT2A Pro Flashlight:

You can see my review video here:

Recently I was sent a Nitecore MT2A Pro flashlight to review.

This pen sized EDC Nitecore flashlight comes with a USB-C rechargeable battery and can only run on 2x AA batteries.

I’ll be giving this Nitecore flashlight away towards the end of November.  Join the FIN club to be eligable.

Will send free of charge to Canada, United States and military PO boxes

Includes flashlight, lanyard, rechargeable USB-C battery and it can take AA batteries as well

This is a 1000 Lumen flashlight with a tight diameter beam.  It has 3 settings. Low 50 Lumens, Medium 300 Lumens and High 1000 Lumens

When you use the 2x AA batteries, it has two settings.  Low 60 Lumens and High 500 Lumens

There isn’t much difference between the Medium 300 Lumens with the rechargeable battery or the 500 Lumens from the 2x AA Batteries

I’ve been more then impressed with this small light.  It’s easy to carry and would make a great gift for someone who is into tools

The grip is comfortable.  You can attach it to a cap using the belt clip.  It sits nicely in your breast pocket of your work shirt.

All in all, it’s just a useful flashlight.  Pricing seems to be under $50 USD but I haven’t heard confirmation of that yet as it’s still pretty new.

See the giveaway video of the Nitecore flashlight here: