Whats in your Bug-Out Bag?

What’s in my bug out bag:

I’m not a prepper but I do like being prepared.  Some of these items will include links back to Amazon.

This is what I carry in my bug out bag – be sure to join my FIN Club to be included in any giveaways that I do.

Bag one – random stuff

First off, the bag is a waterproof bag that I got from Bass Pro (Cabella / Dicks).  There is a similar one available from Amazon here:

notebooks and pens / pencils – available from most dollar stores

exacto knife with extra blades – available from most dollar stores

several foldable cups / metal cups / metal cooking utensils.  – I got mine mostly from thrift stores which is the best place to start.

bush knives like a K-bar or CRKT – great for trimming branches for camping or preparing food.

Also a filet knife, not just for fishing but any other small game that you may need to clean.

compass – do not get a dollar store compass.  Spend the money and look for a decent one.

flint firestarter / matches / lighters

rope / string / extra cloth (could be used as a rag, torch or bandaid)

Luminaid solar lanterns and charger.  As well as flashlights

Mylar rescue blanket (full size) and smaller sizes here at Amazon link


In my camping tub, I carry:

Ridgeline cord

blue tarps with grommet’s

sleeping bags

cooking utensils


In my tool bag, I carry:

Various pliers & manual tools

screws & nails

hammer / sledgehammer

Always looking to add more.  What would you suggest for a bug out bag ?

YouTube video, what’s in your bug out bag