Nitecore UT27 Headlamp

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Lately, I’ve been on a headlamp kick.  Maybe it’s the winter months where I need my hands free while walking the dog.  I have to use one hand to pull the glove off the other hand as I reach into a snowbank to pull out a steaming pile of fresh poop but it’s so much easier with a headlamp on.

I have several headlamps to choose from for each early morning walk but I almost always grab the Nitecore UT27.  It’s just so comfortable and easy to use.

The hardware:

The Nitecore UT27 has two LED’s, both are the CREE XP-G3 S3 LED’s.  One has a warm tint of 3000K and the other has a brighter white light of 6500K.  There are also a couple of red LED’s that can be illumined with a solid light or a flashing mode.  It’s controlled with two different buttons on top of the headlamp and has a solid hinge that allows the LED to pivot up and down for multiple angles.

The headlamp is powered with a HLB1300 USB-C rechargeable battery pack that can also be replaced with 3x AAA batteries (not included)

The verdict:

This is my new favourite headlamp. I’ve been wearing it almost daily due to it’s 3500K bulb and comfortable head band.  It’s light and portable, easy to use and keeps my hands free for those early morning dog walks.