Why are you still buying new computers?

Believe it or not, computers haven’t changed much in the last 10 years or so. I’m sure that a lot people will say that they have but really all they’ve done is gotten faster and lighter. The i7 first came out in 2008 and they still make them. What’s really changed is the speed of the hard drives and the ram. Sure the processors are faster but the laptops from 2008 aren’t much different then the ones in 2018. So why are you still buying new computers?

Maybe I’m biased since I sell used computers in bulk. Or maybe it’s because I look at some older computers the same way some people view older cars. I look at a 2008 Lenovo x61 the same way that some guys look at a 71 Barracuda. It’s not as fast as some newer cars but it has a certain appeal.

Which takes me to the point of this post. I just picked up two used laptops. A Dell e6420 and a Dell m6600. The m6600 is a older i7 2nd gen with a quad core processor and some serious hardware. It’s fast and even faster with a SSD and Linux as the OS. But I did make a video about the Dell e6420 which is a i5 2nd gen. It’s the family wagon of the laptop world.

So click the video below and take a look at it.

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