Unpopular Opinion on CoVid-19

This is going to be an unpopular opinion on CoVid-19. First, I do think that the virus is serious and deadly. I was watching it back in December when it was in China and back then, I was thinking that if North America doesn’t think this is coming then they will have a surprise really soon.

Secondly, I’m not personally worried about the virus since the majority of people will get over it and will just go through a really bad sickness. Only a small percentage of people will actually die.

What if?

So here is my unpopular opinion. Instead of having everyone hide out in their homes which extends this virus over years, why not just let it run rampant and blow through in months or weeks instead? I realize that the hard part will be the overwhelmed health department but if we staff a covid only health facility in most towns with people who have already had the virus then they might be more resilient to it.

Could the virus kill a lot of people? Yes. Maybe as much as 5% of the population. 5% in Canada could be almost 200,000 people. 5% of American could be 7 million. Lots of people will die. BUT, at least we would be ripping the bandaid off fast instead of watching this wound fester over months or years.

There would be lots of crying and tears for a little while but life will go on and changes will be made for the next pandemic (hopefully). But, lots of jobs will be opening up after the deaths, lots of housing will be opened up due to empty places. Right now, all we are doing is dragging out the inevitable. The World needs a culling. It happens all throughout history. Why are we fighting it?

And that was my unpopular opinion and I hope that you don’t get offended by it. But I would rather get over this hurdle quickly and repair the devastation rather then watch it drag out and destroy the economy and perhaps make more people suffer from losing their homes or retirement funds.

You can leave a rebuttal in the comments of course.. Thanks for reading.

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