VanTrue Nexus 5 N5 Dashcam

If you’ve been thinking of getting a dashcam, You should first consider what features you require.

Vantrue reached out to me and sent me the Nexus 5 for review.  Once I finally got around to finding the time to review it, I was really impressed with the packaging.  This was a nicely boxed unit, lots of care was put into the packaging.

The first thing that really stood out to me was just how large the front dashcam barrel was.  It was hefty.  The rear facing camera felt much more manageable.   After unpacking the unit, I moved over to the cars and proceeded to install the dashcam.

I won’t get into the installation here, I’ll save that for it’s own video BUT it did not go well.  The barrel would not stick to the windshield using the stock adhesive so I had to replace it with Alien Tape

The VanTrue Nexus 5 did not come with a MicroSD card so at first I used the same 128GB Samsung card that I had in my GKU dashcam.  The GKU recorded video as high as 4K resolution so I assumed that it could handle the 1440 resolution that the VanTrue recorded in BUT I was wrong.  The Nexus 5 is recording 4 cameras at once at 1440p/1080p so it actually needed a FASTER microSD card and I was getting an error popping up on the VanTrue screen that said “slow card warning”.   I replaced the SD card with one from my Insta360 X3 which records 360 degree 4K video and that seemed to have fixed the problem.

One aspect of the Vantrue Nexus 5 that really stood out was their smart phone app.  This might apply to other Vantrue models as I did see other models being available to add within the app.  I used the iPhone app and found it comprehensive, The app covered everything that the on-screen menu included.

This dashcam might not be the ideal choice for everyone BUT if you are in the market for a front and rear facing camera AND require in-cabin views than this is the only camera on the market that can check off those boxes.  It would be great for Taxi drivers, Uber, Lyft or any role that requires an eye on the driver or passengers.

I’ve left a video review below.  You can buy your own VanTrue Nexus 5 through Amazon or directly through Vantrue.

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