Totem Electric Mountain Bike

Totem Electric Bike:

When Totem reached out to me to test their Victor 2.0 electric mountain bike, I couldn’t believe my luck.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love bikes.  I’ve been riding my entire life and I’d rather ride than drive if I could

When the company offered me the Totem electric bike for review, I jumped at the chance to test it.

Best electric bike under $1000 ?

Totem sent a 16.5″ bike with 26″ wheels.  This might be a bit small on someone else but for my 30″ inseam, this was the exact fit that I required.

The bike is fully adjustable and can fit a 26″-32″ inseam comfortably.  The seat post has a quick release and can be raised or lowered easily.   As well, the bike stem that holds the handlebars can be angled up or down.  My choice is to have it raised on an incline.

Like most bicycles bought online, this did require some assembly but don’t let that scare you.  The directions are easy to read and everything required is included in the large box.   The only parts that really needed to be added was the front brake disc, the pedals, reflectors and rear derailler cage.

The original price on this electric mountain bike was $1199 CDN but the company offered a code for viewers of my YouTube channel bringing the price down to $899  Totem also provided FREE shipping !

You can visit their site at

The company supplied a coupon code for readers.  That information will be available at the bottom of this post for purchasing a Totem Electric Bike


This is a 21 speed mountain bike with a 350w motor. Assembly wasn’t difficult and the manual was more than sufficient.  All the required tools were included but I preferred using my own tools to assemble it

The battery charges in roughly 2-3 hours and lasts 30-60 km’s.  The top speed on this bike is 32 km/hr (20 mph) but it does slow down when going up hills. Especially if you are on the heavier side like myself.

What really stood out to me was the pedal assist.  You can use this bike in full automatic mode all the time which is great for flats or long stretches but I enjoyed peddling up hills as it helps with my balance and thats where the pedal assist was helpful.

The brakes were incredible and were surprisingly powerful.  The tires are

The overall ergonomics of the Totem electric bike was really comfortable.  It felt more comfortable than riding an electric scooter where the driver is expected to stand.

Operation of the mountain bike came from the computer located on the left handlebar.  It had a power / mode button on the right and was controlled by a plus and minus key

bicycle operation computer

Video reviews:

You can see a walk around here:

You can see the full video of the totem electric bike here:

Coupon codes and purchasing details:

Use code “Mike100”  for S100.00 off Totem Victor 2.0 Electric Mountain Bike (2 variants) Minimum quantity of 1 applies once per order (one per customer) From their website link:  BikeWorkca

You can also purchase from Amazon and use code: Z5OTWGTG(Save 12% each on qualifying items offered by BIKEWORK EU when you purchase 1 or more. )

Amazon Link: Totem bikes on Amazon

Final Thoughts:

I’ve been really impressed with this bike so far.  It does slow down going up hills but it’s still faster than walking.  I plan on adding a back rack to it and attaching a milk crate to carry groceries.  I will change out the tires for something more street appropriate when these ones wear out.  Plus the handlebar stem should be extended to make it more comfortable.

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