ThruNite Catapult Pro

ThruNite was the first company that started sending me flashlights on a regular basis.  I’ve really been impressed with their quality products.  One of my favourite lights that ThruNite sent was the Catapult Pro.  This is a serious flashlight. It pushes out over 2700 Lumens with a throw over 1km.

I’ve made a few videos with it that have gotten 100’s of thousands of views.  It’s impressive when it’s in turbo mode and shines a focused beam further than you can see.

The Catapult Pro uses the SFT70 LED.  That’s the same LED that is in the ThruNite BSS V5 which is bright but doesn’t have the throw that the Pro does.

This light feels like a spotlight that you’d find on a helicopter or a stage light at a play.  It projects a strong and narrow beam that I managed to send all the way up the CN Tower to the bottom of the first observation deck before security asked me to leave.

Who would use this light?  Security guards, First Responders and those that have a large perimeter to watch come to mind.  Outdoor explorers, campers and construction workers also come to mind.

The SFT70 LED combined with the 26650 battery pushes out a variety of beams.  From the .7 Lumens in Firefly mode to 42 Lumens in low, 1482 Lumens in high and 2713 Lumens in turbo.

It’s honestly one of my favourite flashlights and it’s relatively low cost should make it something to consider for most people who are looking for a powerful spotlight.

You can find one here:  Amazon



Just playing around woth the ThruNite Catapult Pro #Flashlight #thrunite #thrower #brampton

♬ original sound – MikeyD


Security asked me to leave #flashlight #thrunite #toronto #cntower #askedtoleave

♬ original sound – MikeyD

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