Tech Predictions for the next decade

Five predictions for the 2020s

Windows 10 was released in July / August of 2015 and is due for a refresh.  I think that the next release will be more like Office 365 and will revolve around a subscription basis much like Office365.  I think that we will see rumours of that by the end of 2020 and a education version released by 2021

This should be a no brainer really but it seems the best way that Microsoft can protect their intellectual property while maintaining enough income generation to continue on for decades to come. I’m sure that Microsoft makes a lot of their income currently just from interest on their existing bank balance but to keep shareholders happy, they will need to continue to evolve and subscriptions seem to be the most logical way at least for the foreseeable future.

2.  More data breaches and cyber crimes will result in a new law passed by many governments that will force companies to oblige to certain security measures in place at companies who handle customer data.  This will lead to a the first arrest of a CIO by 2025

This is the result of a lot of user error. More and more uneducated users are clicking on false links and IT professionals aren’t locking down their systems enough to protect from data theft or corruption. This might actually result in secondary education for users to learn how to sniff out dangerous links.

3. 5G and faster at home internet speeds will start changing the office workers role.  We’ll see less office commuting and more home based workers who connect via Skype / Xoom etc. 

Between a combination of high fuel prices, carbon taxes and the general attitude towards commuting, we should start to see more staff working from home. I have been working remotely since 2003 and can tell you that the benefits outweigh any downsides. It does require someone who can force themselves to bypass any distractions but that just takes time. A constant always-on camera / online indicator should help resolve that as well. It might seem a bit “Big Brother” at first but it should be forgotten as time moves on.

4. Cord cutting for personal TV will result in at least one major TV studio shutting it’s doors or being bought out by a streaming service within in the next two years

We all know that advertising dollars are being spent online more and more each year. It’s not just the cost though, it’s the analytics. Online advertising allows companies to really dig down on their own niche and make sure that their product is being seen by the right person. TV cable boxes were invented to do that. Streaming services capture a lot of information but not nearly as much as a ‘cookie’ does when it’s on a website and follows a users shopping choices around.

These are older stats but advertising dollar expenditure went from $16 billion in 2014 to $31 billion in 2016. (USD prices)

5. Long shot here but I think that we will see the very first A.I. data controlled CEO of a company before the end of the decade or even 2026

This is complete fantasy but I think that a data driven artificial intelligence would be interesting to watch in action. Maybe it might be a fictitious company at first but a lot of online trading is already controlled by money hungry robots.

Stay tuned for more updates as the DECADE changes

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