A mini review of the Asus Zenfone Max M1 – Switching from Apple to Android

Making the switch from Apple iPhone 7 to an Asus Zenfone Max M1 hasn’t been easy.  I’ve been a pretty loyal fan to Apple the past few years.   I’ve owned numerous iPads, iPhones and iPods.  Plus a dozen or so Apple computers.  My latest is a late-2013 Macbook Pro 15″ running high Sierra.  I really like the product.

But lately, I’ve been in a position where I needed a dual sim capable phone and that really limited the options.   My plan was to shop around for a dual sim Android phone that could also hold a large microSD card.   Though it seemed that everyone I looked at that was a dual sim was really just a dual tray.  That meant that it could hold one sim card and one microSD OR a sim card.  So the second slot was for one OR the other, there were no three tray sim cards.    At least until I came across the Asus Zenfone Max M1 (or as my windows PC file manager calls it, the ASUS_X018D).   This seemed like the phone for me so I picked it up from Canada Computers for $299 and added a 200GB micoSD card for $79 (instant rebate of $20) and went home with it.

Getting used to Android again after being in the Apple house for so long wasn’t easy.  I’m a fairly technical person so I could work my way around it pretty quickly.   Though one thing kept bugging me and that was switching storage locations from the tiny 32GB of internal storage on the Asus Zenfone itself to the more roomy 200GB micro SD card.  It seemed that everything was defaulting to internal storage and I was running out of room fast on the phone.  Even setting the video / photo feature to the external storage, something was eating away at the internal memory.   A quick look showed the ‘cache’ at 2GB with no real way to clear it.   I’m still working on how to erase that or to save storage space where I can.

It also became apparent that the processor and ram in the Asus Zenfone Max M1 weren’t going to be able to keep up with me but I might be able to live with it if I just used it for phone calls, emails and some browsing.   The saving grace of the Asus phone though was it’s battery life.  A 4130 mAh can easily get me through a typical work day.  And the camera itself would suffice, but the video camera was horrible.

Here are a few shots that I took with the stock camera for work purposes.

Asus Zenfone Max picture
picture of iPhones taken with the Asus Zenfone Max M1
iphone 6
iPhone 6 64GB for kijiji


And here is a sample of just how HORRIBLE the video is.  There is no image stabilization and the zoom just fails on so many levels

Now it’s only been a week but already I’m starting to think that this particular phone was a mistake.   I do have a friend selling a OnePlus 5 with 8GB ram and a 128GB storage though and it can handle two sim cards so I’m going to wait patiently for him to sell it to me for $500.  Canada Computers does have this Android phone for $699 + taxes so $500 seems like a deal hopefully.  I’ll have to update you after I make that switch.

But so far, I feel like it was a mistake to leave the easy to use Apple universe.   Sure the iPhone 7 battery was kind’ve crappy and the screen was small but I was always worried that I was going to break it when I dropped it.   But it did have a larger ecosystem for protective cases and other accessories.

Let me know if you prefer Apple or Android?

Any advice for me regarding better camera apps or how to flush out my rapidly fillling cache?


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