Sofirn SC21 EDC flashlight


The Sofirn SC21 is a easy to carry thumb sized light with an included lanyard and a belt clip.  It’s priced competitively but it will be hard to find any competition within this price range.  The closet light I can think of is the Olight Oclip but it’s outclassed by the SC21 AND it costs more.

Sofirn SC21 website pricing

It comes with a 16340 battery which is USB-C rechargeable with a lifespan of 50,000 hours.  The SC21 also has a magnetic tail cap which can support it’s own weight

It’s brightness modes are:

Moonbeam 1 Lumen for 85 hours with a max beam distance of 2 metres

Low 10 Lumen for 18 hours with a max beam distance of 16 metres

Medium 100 Lumen for 4 hours with a max beam distance of 42 metres

High 400 Lumen for 1 hour with a max beam distance of 84 metres

Turbo is 1000 Lumen for 1 hour with a max beam distance of 135 metres


The SC21 also has a strobe function.   What I liked about the Sofirn SC21 is that it includes a RAMP and a STEP option for adjusting the brightness levels.  Considering that this is a budget priced flashlight, that is an impressive feature.

Sofirn products have grown on me and I’ve been really admiring their quality AND price lately.  They are great entry level lights to give as gifts and at this price, everyone should have one in every room and bugout bag.  (I’ve also been testing the SC13 and IF30 – reviews to come soon)

The SC21 is a great blend of brightness and longevity with the 16340 battery.  This particular model was pushing out a 5000k temperature  with the Samsung LH351D emitter.  This offers a warmish tint to the beam which is nice for early morning walks.  It’s bright without being too obtrusive.  (see video above)

This is a true EDC light and it can be tucked into pockets, gloveboxes or purses.  Highly recommended

Get yours here: Sofirn website

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