RovyVon GL7 Tactical flashlight review

RovyVon sent me a few flashlights.  The GL7 was one of them and that is what this review is for.

The others are the E5 AngelEyes and the A7 EDC

Amazon link for the RovyVon GL7 can be found here: Amazon Link

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The RovyVon GL7 is a Defense Series Tactical Flashlight.  It has several different outputs:

Low: 10 Lumens, lasts for 118 hours  (almost 5 days)

Medium: 100 Lumens, lasts for 23 hours

High: 800 Lumens, lasts for 4 hours

Turbo: 2000 Lumens, lasts for 3 minutes, then drops down to 800 Lumens and lasts for 3 hours

Strobe: 2000 Lumens – time untested

Has a range of approx 300 metres, has been personally tested to 265 metres