My name is Michael Dancy and I have a slogan that I like to say.

It’s “Little things, big difference.”   The reason that I repeat it often is that Brampton already has a lot on the go.   We have projects lined up to start.  Such as:

Gita Park


Cricket Stadium

What the city is not focusing on is what the city needs most.


Brampton is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada.

With an estimated 100,000 people moving here over the next 4 years, the city needs to focus on affordable housing and infrastructure.

If elected Regional Councillor for Wards 7/8 in Brampton, I will focus on giving Brampton residents what they need, not what the developers want.

More development of  affordable homes, not luxury homes.

The city needs more medium density housing, more Co-Op housing and to transform more basements into legal apartments.    The city also needs to integrate more transit hubs into densely populated areas so that public transit is seen as the first choice and not an alternate option.


Currently the city of Brampton has approximately 450 buses and plans to increase that to 800 by 2030.  The city needs more routes to ease congestion and more qualified transit drivers to accomplish this.   If elected Regional Councillor, I will hold ensure that these buses and routes stay on track and that the budget assigned to them does not go into other projects.

Road Safety:

Every door I knock on talks about traffic calming and how speeders pose a danger to neighbourhoods.   This city needs to act on those complaints by installing more speed cameras and traffic calming measures.   This city can capitalize on revenue coming from photo radar.  Edmonton currently brings in $30-$50 million per year just from that road safety tool.

Trail Safety:

One other topic that came up often while door knocking was safety concerns for the trail system here in Brampton.  Many people just didn’t feel safe walking the trails at night.   As Regional Councillor, I would like to see more lighting installed along the pathways.   I would also like to see an investment with community safety teams who would walk the trails in the evenings offering assistance.

These topics are really just the tip of the iceberg.  Brampton is standing on the edge of a precipice looking at greatness.   Brampton can be the city of the future for Canada.  We can be the city that people aspire to live in.  We just need to work together.   On October 24th, vote for your cities future.  Vote for Michael Dancy, Regional Councillor Wards 7&8