Lenovo x240 i3 long term review

Lenovo x240 – six years later.

Sitting here on the couch with this tiny Lenovo x240 on my lap, I find that it’s a light machine and feels quite comfortable. The keyboard feels a bit cramped compared to my Lenovo T450s but maybe that’s just my imagination as the two keyboards seem to be similarly sized.

Or maybe I’m just typing too fast which is resulting in all of these mistakes. I’m using LibreOffice Writer which is the equivalent to Word from Microsoft.

I can’t figure out how to use the right click on the touchpad to fix those typos so they are just going to stay in this review I guess.

The Lenovo x240 that I picked up is the base model. It’s an i3-4010 processor running at 1.7GHZ. There is a 128GB SSD and 8GB of ram inside it so it’s not going to be a gaming machine. Though as far as business grade laptops go, it has everything I need. This model comes with two batteries. One is an internal battery so that you can do hot swaps of the removable battery. The removable battery is the extended model which gives the rear of the laptop a little lift when it’s on a desk as well as a spot for me to curl my hand around it when carrying it. Currently, there is about 8 hours left of the charge and I’m at 75% One thing I do like about the i3 processor is that it uses very little power which means this machine will literally last all day.

Besides the useless touchpad, the next weak spot on this machine is the display. It’s a 1366×768 screen that looks a bit washed out. It’s okay for reading news sites or typing documents like this but once I open a spreadsheet, there is a lot of left and right scrolling that is needed since the resolution is so limited.

There are plenty of ports on the x240. There is a VGA port to plug in a projector or an external screen at the office. There is a USB port on each side of it as well as a SD card slot. Also on this model is a SIM card tray for data on the go but I haven’t tested that yet. I might try it later as I have a spare SIM card. Also on the side is a headset / microphone jack, a lan jack and a mini display port. Why there is a mini display port is a bit perplexing to me. I do have a dongle that connects it to a DVI cable and maybe one that connects to HDMI but then why have the VGA port? Unless connecting to a projector is expected often? I don’t do a lot of presentations that require a projector so it’s not an issue with me personally.

The x240 never seems to run hot which is nice. There is a large copper vent on the side and the extended battery keeps the laptop from sitting flat on the surface so that probably helps dissipate the heat as well.

Now this where things get interesting. Even though this machine came with a Windows 7 Pro COA, I decided to install Linux Mint. The installation was easy from start to finish and everything worked out of the box. Wifi connected, sound came on, webcam worked. Even the Suspend feature works with no issues. Plus the Linux Mint OS is great for power management which might be another reason why I am getting 8 plus hours out of these two batteries. I hardly ever plug it into the charger. Plus Linux Mint has the LibreOffice suite built into it so there is no need to purchase a Office 365 license to do things like write this review. (insert happy emoji here)

The Lenovo x240 came out in 2014 I believe so this is currently a six year old laptop. It won’t be running any games but I think that I might keep it. Also the initial cost on this model was just over $1000. I picked it up for $140 CDN with taxes. You would be hard pressed to find a laptop that does everything this machine can for $140 anywhere.

Final thoughts. The Lenovo x240 is a keeper. I can’t justify selling it. It won’t be editing any videos or playing anything more taxing than Solitaire but it’s great for web surfing, emailing and document editing. The screen is a bit small for usage by seniors but as far as a homework machine goes for kids, this is a keeper.

I also have a Lenovo t450s which is my daily driver but this x240 might be my next work laptop.

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