K55 Smart Watch

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K55 Smart Watch:

A friend of mine lost their iPhone the other day.  We were using their iWatch to track it and try to find it.

When I first bought this watch, it was simply due to the fact that I had a coupon, I liked the watch face and I saw that not a lot of people had made videos about it.  It wasn’t a serious purchase.  The price was right and I thought that I was going to destroy it to be honest.

But then I started using it and I’ve been impressed by it every single day.  It does everything I need and nothing that I don’t.  It tells the time and the date.  The battery is excellent and the features I need are right where I need them.  I can take my blood pressure and heart rate.  It can track my walks and the watch tells me to get up every few hours to get a drink and move around.

The unboxing is below:

Full review on YouTube to come shortly.

K55 Features:

There are more features than I will cover here, but let me start with the ones that I use everyday.

Step counter – I used to pay so much attention to my iPhone during the pandemic.  I was gamifying my step count and would constantly try to top the week before in step counts.  I stopped paying attention to it but now that it’s so readily available on my wrist, I find myself spending extra time walking just to get the count up.   It seems to be accurate.

Sleep monitor – I never paid attention to this before but a sleep monitor on a smart watch is more interesting than I expected.   It only monitors sleep between 11pm and 10am from what the instructions have mentioned.  There is no documentation on whether the sleep monitor can be adjusted.



Currently the battery has not disappointed.  3-4 days of usage with lots of use consumes approximately 80% usage. The K55 uses a proprietary cable and they only ship one so don’t lost it.  If the cable is lost, there is an option to purchase one on Amazon.  K55 cable

Smartwatch charging cable


The K55 pops up in the iPhone settings as two bluetooth devices.  The first is the K55 so that it appears in the app and can receive text messages.  The second appearance is as K55 Audio where the watch takes all the audio from the phone and ports it to the watch.  Whether it’s games or youtube, you’ll be holding your watch to your wrist while watching the phone.  It’s annoying.  I’m constantly telling my iPhone to ‘disconnect’ from the K55 Audio but it still takes over at the most inconvenient times.


This blog post will be a work in progress as I use the K55 watch more and more .



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