Is Facebook the new business website?

Does your business have a website? Do you have a Facebook page?  Do you even need a Facebook page?

Facebook vs. Websites.  A common question.  If you answer yes to both, then you are probably paying someone to manage one or the other.
And to be honest, fewer and fewer people are going to the website when they can get all the information that they need from your Facebook page. So why are you maintaining that website?

Lets take a look at what people are using to find your business. Chances are that when someone is looking for a business that offers the same services that you do, they are doing it in Google first.

This is where keywords come in handy. A lot of people will search for that service followed by their town or city. Google will spit back a bunch of results and hopefully you’ll be on the first page. If you have a decent website person then you should be okay. But to back that search up, you should also make sure that you are on Google Maps and Google ‘MyBusiness‘. Does that all sound complicated? Well don’t sweat it too much, it’s not as hard as it sounds. I can do it for you for a small fee as well if you want to reach out and contact me (416)-321-0900.

Do you even need a webpage?

But the point of this article is to ask why you would even do that when the next big search engine for most consumers is Facebook itself. You would be surprised at how many people search inside of Mark Zuckerbergs privacy nightmare website. It’s a HUGE number. And if you’re trying to sell something, then use the Facebook Marketplace. It’s free and it reaches a HUGE amount of consumers. It’s easy to create a business listing on the social site and it’s even easier to spend money and get it noticed. Google has something called ‘adwords’ where you design an ad for your website and Google targets the market that you want to visit your site. But why go through that hassle when you can do the same with FB.

I’ve mentioned before about the benefits of what I call “Social Selling“. It’s where you use Social Media to sell your products or services through the applications that people are already on. There are already 40+ million small businesses on Facebook. Why would you spend thousands of dollars to create a website when you can do it yourself for free. Not only that but you are already well versed in how to upload pictures and create posts using just your smart phone so why learn something like WordPress or Joomla or Wix when Facebook is already there. I’m not saying to get rid of your website, but you do need to evaluate what you are using it for. The benefit to a website is that you can control your own leads that come through it. When you get a like on Facebook, you can see the person but you don’t really have their contact information unless you reach out to each one via private message. And that can be a bit creepy..

Are you missing out by not having a Social Media page?

You can list items for sale on your website, or direct them to your ebay page but Facebook marketplace is so easy to use. I know businesses that thrive just from using it and facebook alone. I also know businesses that suffer because they don’t know how to use any social media.    Instagram is another tool for selling, It’s really just as simple as taking a picture of what you are trying to sell, adding a description and a price and uploading it.  Use some hashtags like #forsale #cityname #selling #productname etc.    Another benefit to Instagram is that you can add a plugin to most websites that will sync your Instagram posts to the website and you can have them in the sidebar so viewers can see them when they visit the website.

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If you are looking to do one or the other, give me a call.  Lets chat about it and see what is the best option for your business.  The first call is free.

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