Shopping for a new phone

So it’s official, I’m shopping for a new phone. I just bought a used iPhone 8+ last spring. I paid over $600 for it. A sweet (Red) edition with 256GB of storage and it worked beautifully..

at least until I dropped it several dozen times.

The last drop involved that stupid camera bump on the back shearing off and leaving the lenses exposed. I tried to fix it using this method here: (see below the video for more)

iphone fix ?

That didn’t work long term though. The camera is stable but the colours seem washed out so I’m going to have to either spend $100-$150 to get it fixed or look at buying a new phone.

Once again, this brings us to the difference between iPhone or Android. I do use a MacBook Pro for all my video editing and the iPhone was one of my favourite video cameras to make videos with. But now I’m leaning towards just getting an iPad Pro for editing instead of the MacBook. It’s not nearly as portable though when it comes to cameras.

If I switch to Android, my family won’t be able to iMessage me or find me on the “Wheres My Friends” app. So it’s a hard choice between the two.

Though I’m leaning towards buying a cheap Android phone for now while the iPhone 8 goes into the shop. But that means laying down $200 for an Android phone plus another $150 when the repair happens. That’s $350. I could then sell the Android phone and recoup some costs. Or maybe sell the iPhone for $400 and then buy an iPhone 11 on monthly payments. Actually, that’s what I’ll probably do. I was hoping for a dual sim but the iPhone 11 can actually run a 2nd sim with what they call a esim. It’s where you give the phone a sim serial number and it uses that as the 2nd number.

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