Insta360 G0 3 – Buyers Remorse?

uncensored opinion

Insta360 contacted me

I wasn’t planning on buying the Insta360 Go 3 but Casey Neistat made a video and I thought that it was time to upgrade my GoPro Hero Black 10 so I pulled the trigger and paid $589 CDN for this cool new Action Camera
Less than a week later, it arrived from China and I ripped it open.   Admittedly, I never EVER read the manuals.
I kind’ve wish that I did.
Now for context, I do have a Insta360 X3 which is their 360 degree camera and I LOVE it. The x3 is a really cool camera but what makes it stand out is the editing software that you can either use on your desktop or your cell phone.  It lets you adjust the angle as you edit the video.   I was hoping for something like that with the fixed lens Insta360 Go 3.   If I knew the it just recorded fixed video, I might not have made the purchase
Is this buyers remorse?  I guess it is.  BUT it never hurts to have a second Action Camera and the lens is quite small so it can be placed into cool areas for unique shots
I made a quick, QUICK, video about it when I was getting my kids Swiss Chalet.  Honestly, I made the video off the cuff with no planning or thought and posted it.   After the video released, Insta360 reached out to me to ask what the issue was.   “User Error” was their diagnosis, which is probably correct.  They were quick and on it.
“Needs more light”, “read the manual” was basically their response and they are correct.  Action cameras with a small sensor require LOTS of light to be effective.  And yes, the manual could probably cover everything I need to know.   But I was really impressed with how fast they were and how much of an interest the company took in the reaction to their product.
Would I suggest buying a Insta360 camera to anyone?  Yes.  It’s a quality product.
Would I suggest buying a Insta360 Go 3 if you already have an X1 or a GoPro?  Probably not.
Either way, it’s going to be fun to play with.  I like the magnetic base on the removable camera portion.
See you on YouTube!