Gaming PC vs. Editing PC

I’ve been thinking of getting a new PC. Currently I use a 2015 Macbook Pro 15″ i7 to edit my Youtube Videos and record my podcasts. I also use a variety of mixed computers for work, writing these posts and just surfing. I’m actually writing this on a sBookPro which is one of those computers you find on or GearBest for $150. It’s HORRIBLE. So slow

Anyway, I’ve been thinking of streamlining things and getting a single PC for everything. Or at least a PC and maybe keep the macbook as my couch surfer.

But this has led me down a very interesting path. I was thinking that I’d need a gaming PC since they come complete with the hardware that should be able to handle my editing. I would have to switch from Final Cut Pro (FCPx) and maybe go over to Davinci Resolve or Wondershare. I can’t stand the thought of spending $40/month for Adobe Premeire Pro.

BestBuy in Canada has a few choice selections but the prices are higher than CanadaComputers. Plus after doing a bit of research, I’m learning that gaming video cards aren’t efficient at video editing like some workhorse video cards are.

There is one video card that I’m leaning towards purchasing and that’s the MSI Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 which is under $400 CDN It’s a 6GB DDR6 based video card and the reviews tend to label it as one of the better “budget” video cards for editing.

I picked up a cheap Dell T3500 with a single Xeon processor and 12GB of Ram but I’m going to upgrade that to 24GB and I think that I’ll grab that video card and put it in there and try running Davinci Resolve instead of FCPx I like my Macbook but it’s time to change things up a bit and see what I can do with another platform.

What do you edit with currently?

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