FosPower AM/FM all weather radio

I picked this Fospower radio from from Amazon here:  Fospower Solar Radio  I felt that I needed to upgrade my Bug-Out bag.

It has a built in flashlight, a solar panel for charging and usage as well as a hand crank.  The radio can tune into local FM, AM and weather channels.   It has a pull out antenna and two ports.  One port is a micro-USB port for charging it’s internal battery and another USB-A port for charging devices.

You can also power this Fospower radio with 3x AAA batteries (not included)   I would suggest keeping extra batteries in your bug-out bag just for this reason.

For the price of this Fospower radio, I would rate it a good buy and worth pickup up.  Even if it’s just to scratch your own personal paranoia like myself or in case you live in an area known to have power outages.


Disclaimer.  I did pay for this item personally and was not sent it by Fospower or paid to do this review.  Any purchases from  the Amazon link may pay me a commission from Amazon.