Dovoh Laser Level review

Dovoh sent me this 360 Laser Level to review.

I don’t normally review tools but I am putting up some walls downstairs in the basement and I work with an agency who brings together brands and creators.

What stood out to me was the fact that it included:

1. High Visibility Laser Beam

H3-360G use 110mw high power laser diodes, while most other laser levels use 30mw laser diodes.

2. 5 Years Accuracy Warranty


Includes in package:

Dovoh Laser Level


Durable travel case with a space for every piece

2x Batteries with USB-C charging cable

Green Safety glasses to protect your eyes from the laser level beam

Mounting bracket for tripod usage

Accuracy measure tool.  Includes a 5 year warranty on how accurate it is



Final Thoughts:

The plan was to test it before started assembly of a wall downstairs.   To get used to the Dovoh laser level, I decided to hang up a picture that we gave my wife for her birthday.  The Dovoh laser level performed well and has a horizontal laser level and two vertical laser levels.  The batteries keep it running for hours and the charging speed was impressive from  the 7.4V 2600mAh batteries and included charger. The unit can also be powered through a power plug on the side.   The 3x laser level modules are set on pendulums that will settle after a few seconds to provide a plum line for a true even line.  The laser level can also be adjusted manually if you would like to follow a already existing point of reference.

When compared to similar North American models like Milwaukee or Bosch, the Dovoh is competitively priced and is well under $100 USD less than the others.  For personal use, this is more than capable.  For a professional contractor who uses this on a daily basis, it should be fine as well if it’s treated with care and respect.  If it’s used by a staff member who works for a contractor and they treat it poorly, then it’s hard to say how it’s durability would be.  I’d like to see it tested on a head to head basis but I don’t have access to another unit for testing.

Dovoh is currently offering a discount using the coupon codes: “welcomecode” 10% or “happynewyear” $30 USD off

This unit was supplied to me by the manufacturer and if you choose to click on the Amazon link to purchase it, I will be given a small commission.