I got scammed online

This story goes back about 10 years and it wasn’t my money. I was working for the same company that I’m with now, buying and selling network gear. We were part of a broker network for used telecom gear and that’s how the scammer must have got my name and email. Anyway, this guy contacts … Read more

Exploring abandoned buildings

This was my first time exploring an abandoned building. I met with a couple of other YouTubers a few weeks ago and they took me on an adventure to a building that was set for demolition. It was located here in Brampton so it was close. The video is below

Building a customer list with eBay

ebay sales

eBay is good for a lot of things, obviously selling overstock and extra items. But did you know that eBay practically hands you the customer information on a platter. Once you make the sale, the sales record shows the customers name, address, phone number and email. What else do you need? Now just reach out … Read more


computer barely alive

I woke up the other day to find all kinds of google search errors.  404 errors filling my inbox.  It turns out that a Portageuse dating site had taken over my rented server. So I pulled everything down and am in the process or rebuilding it all..  I tend to do this about every five … Read more