The best mini chainsaw ?

Portable electric chainsaw

TomyVic sent me this portable electric chainsaw to review for my YouTube channel.

The package included: 

Safety goggles


Hard carrying case

2x Battery packs with charger.

Spare saw chain



Oil bottle (empty)

Chainsaw itself



The mini electric chainsaw does have a ‘safety bezel’ but it’s not meant to turn off the saw if it’s activated. It’s really there to keep sawdust or debris from being sent into the operators face.  The trigger has a safety button on it which stops the chainsaw when it’s released.  Always wear gloves and the included safety goggles when operating this.   This saw does have a suggested diameter of 5.5 inches

You can purchase this portable electric chainsaw on Amazon here: Amazon 


First impressions was that this was a glorified toy that could be dangerous.  But as I started to use it, the saw became more and more practical.  The TomyVic is just the right size for taking off branches or trimming bushes.

The first battery lasted 45-60 minutes of heavy usage before I had to exchange it for the 2nd battery.  The chain did become loose and sloppy after first use but it’s easy to tighten, this is something that you should keep an eye on during operation.

This is not a variable speed chainsaw and it has some torque which will require two hands to handle.  I’d advise that you cut in a V formation if the tree or bush is more than 5 inches.  The chain may bind if there is weight on the log and it causes it to pinch the chain.  A V cut means that you cut a wider spot at the top on an angle which takes pressure off the wood or bush so that it doesn’t force the chain to stop and get stuck.

I didn’t notice any overheating or major issues.  With anything electric and potentially dangerous, I would suggest that you pay close attention to the manual and a strict maintenance schedule.

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