How to get Office for free

free microsoft office

“How do I get Microsoft Office for free?” … That is probably the question that I get asked the most from my non-techie friends.


Let me answer it for you.. (but first a disclaimer… This is a Canadian Blog and I’m writing in Canadian dollars with Canadian content)

You can’t. It’s not free. It will cost you something in return. Maybe not money, but it might cost you privacy or your usage patterns.
If you’re okay with that, then let’s look at a few options.

Buy Microsoft Office:

First off, you can stop being cheap and actually pay for it from Microsoft.  This is not the free office option.  The people at Microsoft put in long hours to make an extraordinary application that I use daily so I don’t mind paying for it.

Actually, my company pays for my work version. But I also have a personal account that I pay for. Here is a little secret though, if you have a email from the college or university that you went to, you can get a discount. Plus there is a good chance that your kid will get it for free from their school board.

See that story here:  Microsoft Office Education Version

If you do buy it, it’s $11/month and that covers 5 devices. FIVE!!!! Your computer, your spouses computer, the kids computer, an ipad and even give a copy to Gramma.

Buy Microsoft Office
Buy Office for $11/month

You can buy it here at this link: -> LINK <-

The Free Office Alternative – Libre Office:

Second option if you don’t want to spend the money. Get Libre Office. It’s an open source version of Office that works just as well and it’s literally free.
You can get it for Windows or Mac and it comes built into almost every version of Linux. It’s simple to use and you can set the defaults so that they save and open as actual Microsoft Office files.

Free Office
This is the free version of MS Office

The download link for it is here -> LINK <-

Google Docs:

Next options are just as good for a free office alternative but require cloud service. That would be Google Docs for example where you can download offline versions. This is where you are going to give up your privacy a bit in exchange to use the Google services. The benefits to using Google Docs is that you can access it from all your devices, you don’t need to install anything and you can easily share the documents. So many large corporations use this now that it’s starting to become the standard. Companies will share the calendars for staff so that everyone can see their shifts or upcoming jobs. You can share sales funnels with staff, build pivot tables to deploy pricing and do so much more with it. I recommend this to almost everyone plus you get A LOT of free storage with it. Simply set up a free gmail account here -> LINK <-

Google Docs
Free Google Docs – The hidden Microsoft secret to getting Office for FREE:

And there is the original, I also use this often. When you create an email address with , you get access to all of the Office features FOR FREE. YES, free! It’s really that simple. Goto and create an account. When you sign in, look up in the top left and click the 9 squares to see the options
you can also use your login credentials to download the applications to your computer, tablet or phone for no charge.

free microsoft office
how to get microsoft office for free
Free Office applications
These are all the FREE applications you get with


It’s that simple.  I hope that you take advantage of some of these free tools to boost your creativity.  If you do, please leave a comment below and let me know which one you use the most.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 running Ubuntu

Surface Pro 3

My Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has a long story attached to it.   I bought it off of Kijiji for $600  I think.. and it was great for a while.  But it was just a little too limited to be my everyday driver.  So I sold it on ebay and lost a bit of money but not too much.. at least not until USPS destroyed it in transit then would not reimburse me for damages.   So I went to do a full restore on it and discovered a bitlocker on HDD.  So that lead me to installing Ubuntu 16.04 on a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 🙁

First off, I am running Ubuntu 16.04 on the Surface Pro 3 and it seems to be working okay.  I don’t have the type keyboard so I’m just using a USB hub and a regular old USB keyboard and mouse.  It’s a bit of a hack job.  I had planned on using the Microsoft Designer Keyboard and Mouse but for some reason, they only play well with Windows 10.

This unit did have Windows 10 Pro on it when I got it the first time.  Then I sold it and it came back.. and then there was a bitlocker on the hard drive so I couldn’t do a fresh install which is how I ended up here.   I simply went into the UEFI and selected USB>HDD then rebooted with a USB version of Ubuntu Studio 16.04.  It was the only copy that I had available at the time.  I tried the live version out first and saw that wifi, bluetooth and sound were recognized which was good enough for me.  So I blew out the old Microsoft partition and went all in on hoping that this would work.  I really had nothing to lose at this point since the Surface Pro has a crack in it and I wasn’t going to get my money out of it.  Plus I was hunting around for a cheap linux computer anyway.

IF I KEEP IT, then I’ll invest (again) in the Type keyboard and keep it. (which I didn’t, I ended up selling it to a co-worker)


This Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is the i5- 3rd gen.  It has 4GB ram and a 128GB SSD


The current resolution of 2160×1440 makes everything quite tiny on the 12″ screen but this does have a mini display port adaptor so perhaps Ill just hook up a larger display and make an imprompu dock for this. I was hoping for a laptop but I guess a desktop won’t be a bad choice either.  It can still be somewhat portable if I get that keyboard.  The display drivers worked correctly out of the box without any issues.


The Surface Pro 3 has a xxxxxxx wireless card which connected to my Rogers 5G account with no issues.  During the install, it updated the drivers along the way and the networking is working even better then my Dell XPS 8500 desktop (which drops connections every once in awhile)


The biggest weakness seems to be the touchscreen not working.  Also, the rotation doesn’t seem to be working but this isn’t an issue for me as I don’t plan on using it as a tablet.  Though I may work on it and see what happens.


So far, I haven’t tested the front or rear cameras of the Surface Pro 3 in Ubuntu Studio 16.04