PruVeeo Q2 front and rear dashcam

I recently bought a new dashcam, Pruveeo Q2, for my car to replace my A118 dashcam.

Unfortunatly, it did not fit the current mounts that I had so I installed it in my wifes 2013 Mazda5 instead

Her G1W dashcam wasn’t working as well anymore so she was going to get my old one.   But this works too.

You can see the full video review for it below.

I bought this Pruveeo Q2 from Amazon for $79.99 Canadian and added a 32GB Lexar 633x MicroSD card for another $25.

Now I don’t think that you need to be told WHY you need a dashcam, but if you don’t have one, now is the time to buy one.

You can find the Pruveeo Q2 here: Amazon

The front facing camera on the Pruveeo Dashcam is a very crisp 1080 resolution.  The rear camera isn’t nearly as good and you won’t be using it for capturing detail or license plates.  But it should save your bacon in case of an accident which is why it’s there.

Compared to my A188 dashcam, I think that the Pruveeo is head and shoulders more clear.  I will have to buy a second one myself just for my car.

It could also be that I’m running a faster MicroSD card in the new camera but I really think that it’s just the camera CMOS chip and lense iteself.   Plus having that rear camera is really handy.

You can see the full review and installation in the video below.

Let me know if you need any follow up information for it.

My YouTube channel

I’ve been working on my YouTube channel a bit harder over the past few months.  My goal in June was to upload a new video every second day and I think that I came close.  I think that I put up 20 videos on YouTube in June.  Which was NOT easy.  The hardest part was thinking of what to put up.   Initially, I started the channel as a tech review site but it seems that the most popular videos are when I upload my dashcam footage.

So that is what I will focus on.  Maybe once a week or once a month, I’ll collect all the incidents that I witness and make a collage video.  It’s a bit easier now that my wifes car runs a dual camera dashcam set up and I take a camera with me whereever I go.  Plus my car already has a Dashcam installed.  I’ll do a quick review on them in the future.

You can see my channel here Youtube

The goal from building up this channel is to create a secondary income that requires as little effort as possible.  There are other options that I can focus on to create an income.  But I find that YouTube is also pretty enjoyable and I like the challenge of growing it.   Plus as I get better at it, there may be other opportunities that it brings.

One of those opportunities is making online commercials for small businesses.  I find that as I get better with Final Cut Pro X and shooting video, I get more compliments on the video style and now people are asking to get custom videos created for them.  Whether it’s a shot of their car or kids and pets.. or a small business just looking for a clip for their website.  It’s opening doors.

Currently, the income that I make from my YouTube channel is enough to cover my web hosting and some other small expenses.  It has never been more then $100 Canadian in one month but I’d like to bring that up to $300-$500 a month if I can.  And if that means exploiting the horrible drivers in Brampton by filming their stupidity, then that is what I’ll do.