How to disable automatic updates in Windows 10

How to disable automatic updates in Windows 10

It happens to the best of us.   It’s late Tuesday and you’re ready to go home from work and you goto shut down your laptop to take it with you since you have meetings the next day and you get the options:


Update and Shut Down

Update and Restart


Now you can put it in sleep mode until you get home if your battery is good enough.  But that’s about the only choice you have.   Plus you may choose to leave the computer on and choose ‘Update and Shut Down’ hoping that it will work when you turn it on again.   But we’ve all seen those instances where Windows didn’t like the last update and chooses not to restart.  That leaves you and your IT team (i.e. you) scratching their heads.

So lets turn off the automatic updates in Windows 10 and save ourselves a headache.

This way, you can wait a month after other people have updated so that you don’t find yourself stuck in that blue screen of death.

It’s easier than you think

See the video below for steps on how to do it.

To summarize:

Click on search, enter ‘control panel’

in Control Panel, search for ‘administrative tools’

From Admin Tools, look for SERVICES

Double click on SERVICES

That takes you to a list of options.

Scroll down until you see ‘Windows Update’

Double click on Windows Update

from the drop down menu, choose ‘disabled’

Then click APPLY or OK


It’s that easy.    To reverse the automatic updates in Windows 10, just do everything the same way but select ‘manual’ or ‘automatic’  I would suggest manual.


Hope that helps.  Leave any comments below and let me know your horror stories. Considering that most of you probably came here AFTER you had a Windows 10 update problem.



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