future of Doge coin

I wish that I could predict the future of the DOGE Coin but I can’t.  I don’t think that anyone can.

But in terms of investing in cryptocurrency, DOGE coin and others would be considered a penny stock.
These coins are cheap right now.  I just bought 16,000 for less then $100 CDN and it rose to $160 CDN over night.

So from there, I skimmed off the profit and invested in a more stable coin such as DASH.

DOGE coin was created as in internet joke back in 2013.  It’s had a bumpy ride but has really shot up in the last day or so. (Today being DECEMBER 17th, 2017)  It is still one of the few mineable coins and being so low priced, it’s a good back pocket investment just to sit on.  At least in my opinion.   It has a market capitalization of over 300 Million USD!!  How is that possible?

Another bonus is that you can get these coins for free from a faucet page if you install the wallet.  DOGE coin is not something normally traded in regular wallets such as EXODUS

You can get the DOGE Wallet here -> LINK

You can learn more about mining coins here -> LINK

You can donate DOGE coins to me using this wallet ID: DHwtiFYv5XTt23LHwEEJFUiAFRMW1i9n3h

Let me know in the comments section if you have any questions on DOGE coins.

Next blogpost might be about DASH coins?

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doge coin
a quick $60 profit overnight on DOGE coin

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