Building a customer list with eBay

eBay is good for a lot of things, obviously selling overstock and extra items. But did you know that eBay practically hands you the customer information on a platter. Once you make the sale, the sales record shows the customers name, address, phone number and email. What else do you need?

Now just reach out to that customer via email or phone and ask them if you can send them lists of other similar products. In my case, I sell computers to re-sellers. That’s the bulk of my business. So when I list a lot of 4 or 5 laptops in rough condition, I know that I am attracting buyers who I normally deal with on a regular basis. My total cost for that new customer might be $15 – That’s cheaper then Google Adsense or a Facebook Ad.

It’s really that simple. I’m sure that eBay will change their process in the future but for now, start getting that customer information. Build a online CRM (customer relationship manager) or keep that data in a spreadsheet.

Once the customer consents to you contacting them, you can start saving that 10% fee that eBay charges. Is this against eBays rules? Yes. But do you care? I don’t. eBay takes every chance that they can to squeeze their customers, so why not return the favor?

Think of each listing as a chance to get a new customer for a reduced rate to help fill that sales funnel.

Good hunting.

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